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14 Jun 2019

Mix up some Punk Rock, Grunge, Psychedelic Rock, New Wave, Garage Rock and Goth, add a soupçon of theatre, and there you have it: Healthy Junkies.

Constantly on the road the band have just returned from their second stint on the US West Coast following another sellout t...

10 Jun 2019

Fuzzy hard blues bashers had to get our Video Of The Week this week just because this track is so, so cool! It's a bit like the sort of thing you'd expect if Jack White, ZZ Top, and Howlin' Wolf got together to write a tune and discovered an old resonator lying next to...

7 Jun 2019

Updated 7/6/19

Once again Tobi has picked his favourite new releases of the week, tune in for 21 simply awesome slices of independent music noise!  

Twitter: @masteredbytobi

7 Jun 2019

Updated 7/6/19 featuring tracks by Verity White, Melanie Pegge, Yardlander, Jaykle, Duffy & Bird, Tope, Sugar Junkies, Stoneygate and more!


Updated weekly this is a playlist showcasing artists and songs that are intense in their expression, passionate and...

6 Jun 2019

Cowboy Flying Saucer released their second album on 15th April and you can now get Travel Lodge on vinyl for just £15! 

The follow up their 2017 eponymous debut LP, the album tells the tale of a moment in singer BK13’s past; of days lost in a hotel after a wedding; of t...

5 Jun 2019

Fancy some tripped out, chilled out, mellow moods? Of course you do! You can now pre-order Ephire, a 10 track album by Iyari courtesy of our friends at Submarine Broadcasting Company.

For just £2 you get 3 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also availa...

4 Jun 2019

Hard Rock Blues band 1 in Five announced an exclusive merch pre-order and an updated website last week.

The t-shirt/top features lyrics from Sweet Oblivion, the opening track of the soon to be released debut album Welcome Amnesia. 

Sweet Oblivion sets the scene of t...

3 Jun 2019

This weeks Video Of The Week is a special LIVE performance, recorded using 100% solar power in the fields of scenic western New Jersey!! Featuring a few hundred extra band members than usual Thank You Scientist have teamed up with DCI world champions The Blue Coats for...

30 May 2019

Check out this very cool new tune from Manipulant - Dirigo. With a definite hint of Soulwax and loads of Rhodes organ this definitely my favourite by one of Lancaster PA's finest electronic artists.

Follow Manipulant on twitter @ManipulantMusic

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