Headlights and White Lines was formed in 2016 as an independent creative collective aimed at supporting independent bands with things like professional quality video, artwork, and help in developing their music marketing strategy. 

Behind the scenes we're still working on some practical projects, including live shows like the Off The Record Independent Music Festival. However, in November 2018 we decided to switch our focus and develop the site into a magazine aimed at promoting the independent music and arts scenes. We update when we can and email when we remember. We hope you check back regularly and find something cool, new, different, and beautiful every time.


If you'd like to write for us, or have something for us to write about, head over to the contact page.

Thanks for your support - we hope you enjoy the new look Headlights and White Lines zine!


Mike Five 

Among other things Mike is the Guitarist in 1 in Five - a Hard Rock Blues band, Co-Host on the New Music Saturday podcast, and Marketing Director at Riff Taff Music Networking.


A passionate participant and supporter of the independent music scene for over 16 years, Mike set up Headlights and White Lines to help great independent bands reach a broader audience and get the recognition they deserve. 

True story: Mike used to manage a comedian in his spare time!

Favourite Quote: "The words that you heard when you were young will always stay. The one's that always stay make the world go away." - The Levellers

You can check out Mike's band 1 in Five at www.1inFive.com.

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