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Welcome to Lights And Lines, a music collective and record label where curation sits at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to share new and exciting music from the underground with music lovers everywhere, providing some unique and exciting experiences along the way. We also run Brighton's best live music event, the Off The Record Independent Music Festival.

Most indie artists work alone, they self-release and self promote. This can be alienating and lonely at times. We believe that indie labels can help artists double their efforts, reach new audiences, develop their skills, and provide a sense of community to support and encourage their creativity.

We were delighted to be shortlisted for Best Label 2021 by the Listen With Monger blog in their annual awards, just 6 months after we put out our first release!


Our intention is to share amazing stories through music. Stories have the power to conjure up feelings of hope or despair and choose to bring us light or darkness. They can be based on fiction or fact, some are poignant, some are sad, some are inspiring. Whatever the function or outcome of a story, the idea of narrative is an innate part of what makes us human.


Through the ages music has accompanied storytelling, helping pass down accumulated wisdom through the generations. In fact it's estimated that human beings have been creating music for around 55,000 years. Starting with our voices, and then most likely hitting things to find rhythms we've been using music to tell stories since the dawn of time.

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We tend to do things differently at Lights And Lines - our subscriptions are testament to that.

When we started the label we introduced a subscription model which allows us to fund upcoming releases in advance, and pay artists faster. As we continue to grow we're able to offer these fantastic subscriptions to more people!

New subscribers will get a copy of ALL of our releases in 2022 and pay less than you would to buy them individually. Plus there's other cool stuff too, check it out.

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