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Welcome to Lights And Lines, a music collective and record label where curation sits at the heart of everything we do.


Our aim is to share new and exciting music from the independent music scene with fans everywhere. We also run Brighton's best live music event, the Off The Record Independent Music Festival.

​We were delighted to be shortlisted for Best Label 2021 by the Listen With Monger blog in their annual awards, just 6 months after we put out our first release!


The reality is that most indie artists work alone, they self-release and self promote in addition to writing, recording, touring and everything else that comes with be a musician. Even when you’re in a band there’s usually 1 or 2 people who do most of the work.

This can be alienating and lonely at times - actually quite a lot of the time!

We believe that indie labels can help artists double their efforts, reach new audiences, develop their skills, and provide a sense of community to support and encourage their creativity.

Artists signed to Lights And Lines also get the benefit of being part of a community that allows them to reach new audiences through our growing network.

Plus because we’re heavily funded through subscriptions artists are paid fairly, and aren’t under pressure to sell loads stuff - we can help them try things out, experiment, and develop.


Think of the collective as a cooperative enterprise.

The label is an exercise in curation and personal taste, we try to sign the artists we love and feel we can support within the practical constraints of things like how much time we can dedicate to people and budget.


The collective offers the opportunity for independent artists from across the world to get involved in different ways.

We’ve run re-mix and cover competitions, and we put on live shows and festivals featuring independent artists. We share contacts (with permission), advice, release strategies, lessons learned and whatever else we can think of or are asked for to support the independent music scene wherever possible.


In 2022 we ran the first #AlbumWritingClub - a community event where over 50 artists signed up to write and record an album or EP in a month. We developed an online community through facilitated forums where artists could share progress, tips, opportunities to collaborate, and more. All aimed at bringing more new independent music into the world, building the confidence of the artists, and having fun while we did it! The results were so good we signed 3 artists at the end of it!

SUB BANNER (3000 × 1260 px).jpg

We tend to do things differently at Lights And Lines - our subscriptions are testament to that.

When we started the label we introduced a subscription model which allows us to fund upcoming releases in advance, and pay artists faster. As we continue to grow we're able to offer these fantastic subscriptions to more people!

New subscribers will get a copy of EVERYTHING we release for a whole year, plus digital copies of our entire back catalogue! Choose from 2 different subscription tiers and you'll get LOTS of cool benefits. Find out more below.

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