For nearly 20 years members of Lights and Lines have been a part of the global independent music scene as musicians, promoters, bloggers, PR and more. In 2020 we take this collective to the next logical place, an independent record label.


Curation is at the heart of what we do, sharing new and exciting music from the underground and bringing you some unique experiences along the way. 

Membership is flexible and creative control is shared




a cooperative enterprise.

e.g. the anarchist collective and bookshop


1. Music is political. We embrace the opportunity to use art to tell stories, fight wars, and change minds.

3. It's not about revolutions per minute. One revolution in a lifetime could change the world forever.

2. Genre is fluid and taste subjective. Instead you will know us by the way we make you feel.

4. Open your mind. You have to be lost to find something that cannot be found.

5. Real power comes from below, not above. Build real, strong, and local communities up from the underground.


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