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Introducing our brand new Online Store!!

A big day for music fans!

We're thrilled to announce that we have opened a brand new online store on the website!

Fans of the label can now buy all of the items in our back catalogue, pre-order upcoming releases, and choose one of our subscription packages directly from the label.

Having a direct store on our website is a huge step forward for the label. It’s now even easier to find your favourite Lights and Lines releases, with better navigation, more payment options, and the opportunity to offer more label merch through the store, we hope you love it as much as we do.

A big part of our remit as an independent label is to ensure we pay artists fairly, giving them more freedom to create, experiment, and develop their craft. Having our own online store means we don’t pay third party fees when you buy something directly form us. This allows us to pay our artists more for every purchase made through the site, and reinvest more into the label at the same time!

What about Bandcamp?

Bandcamp fans have no need to worry! At Lights And Lines we’ve always been big advocates of Bandcamp - it’s a great place to buy music!

In fact, every time you buy a CD or Tape from our new store we’ll send you a Bandcamp code in the parcel so you can add it to your collection, download the tracks, and download any extras we produce like digital lyric books or bonus tracks.

Our Bandcamp store will remain open, and there are still some great reasons to use it, for example:

  • If you prefer Digital Downloads to physical products, Bandcamp is the place to get them! Our online store currently only offers physical products.

  • If you want to pay more than the selling price for an item Bandcamp does this really well. Our online store only supports a fixed pricing model at the moment.

Where the above doesn’t apply we’d love you to check out our online store and buy directly from us - but the choice is yours!

We’d love to know what you think, find out what else you’d like us to offer, and get your feedback on the site too - especially if something doesn’t work or could be improved, we’ve never done this before so your help is appreciated!

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