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Good Grief! There's more GRIM17...

Listen to Good Grief by GRIM 17 on streaming services everywhere!

GRIM17 has always been openly recognised by peers and fans as an incredibly talented songwriter. His haunting vocal harmonies, powerful buildups and dramatic drops all make up part of his trademark melancholy sound. While genre is often seen as irrelevant for GRIM17 his music is unmistakably his own.

Good Grief is an alternative-folk song that reflects on past mistakes and the inevitability of consequence. Guest guitarist Mike Five plays GRIM17's Neil Young-esque country/Americana twist to this otherwise melancholic and thoughtful song - a combination leading to an interesting and memorable listening experience.

This year GRIM17 is releasing a single a month from his stunning album Messing With Your Faith (available now on CD before it reaches streaming in full from 2024).

Listen here:

Each single also has a B-Side which will be added to the '2nd disc' of the Messing With Your Faith Deluxe Edition.

Good Grief is accompanied by the Tom Waites inspired rhythm monster Teach Me To Chew - a stark contrast musically to the acoustic musings of the A-Side, yet somehow a perfect partner! Look out for Disc 2 here first, followed by a full streaming release in 2024.


After briefly working with artists like Tom Middleton and Neil Cowley Trio, GRIM17 went on to appear on Ireland's leading Music TV show Other Voices, and be tipped by the Daily Mirror as ‘One To Watch’ in 2014, before taking an unprecedented 5 year break to go drinking... which kind of helped (but not really...)

Since returning in 2020 GRIM17 and signing to Lights And Lines the following year GRIM17 has worked on several new releases and collaborations, enhancing his songwriting skills and experimenting with genres ranging from contemporary folk to electro and industrial.

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