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2023 #LALSummerSingles - Part 1

[EDIT] Links to singles added as they're released.

This year we’re bringing back our Summer Singles series, releasing a single a week throughout the summer to give you the only soundtrack you’ll need over the holiday’s!

As always there’ll be bonus tracks, B-Sides, videos, remixes and all sorts of things to come. Make a note of the these dates and get these tracks added to your Bandcamp collection and playlists as they come out!

Let's have a look at the first few weeks in a bit more detail...


Mikey J - Wonder

Do you ever wonder if your life could change for good?

Well now it can... welcome to Wonder, the latest single from Mikey J's glorious guitar driven indie-pop album Wondering.

Ironically of course Mikey J is based in Australia, so it's actually Winter there...

Grab your copy on Bandcamp today.

You can also check out the brand new video below.


We Walk The Earth - Sirius

Sirius combines an upbeat tempo with a melancholic indie vibe layered with hints of blues guitar. The whispered backing vocals that come in on the chorus add depth and purpose to this already beautiful tune. The whole track has a wonderful 90s vibe without being contrite or sounding unoriginal.

The never-before heard Sirius Grimmix is GRIM17's haunting atmospheric interpretation of the track that brilliantly walks the line of sounding absolutely original and yet completely recognisable as the original tune.

Grab your copy on Bandcamp today.

And check out the video too.


Awen Veleda & The Wandering Lights - Fall of the Messenger

After 10 years of bitter fighting most of Albion is now lost... yet the Saxons battle on.

Fall of the Messenger is the lead single from the long awaited follow up to Awen Veleda's debut EP, An Alien Invasion in the Petty Kingdoms. Part 2 re-joins the Anglo-Saxon army 10 years on from the initial alien invasion. The situation appears to have worsened considerably and we pick up the story as a lone messenger rides with news for the King.

The enchanted fire defences are starting to fail following another recent, and more brutal attack on the perimeter. As he rides he mourns the death of his companion, caught in the crossfire.

Grab your copy on Bandcamp today.


Gozer Goodspeed Vs Tommie Quick - Escape Hatch Fever

A unique clash of styles born out of pure luck - independent blues rock artist Gozer Goodspeed found himself living next door to renowned House / Dance DJ Tommie Quick, and when the right track came along, magic happened!

The result is a dynamic mix - progressive house meets guitars, fused with influences of old school. Tommie Quick has created a summer dance anthem in the making, destined to be played in clubs across the region.

Grab your copy on Bandcamp today.


GRIM17 - Puked All Over Your Backseat

The next in GRIM17's 'Messing With Your Singles' series is the hard hitting, fuzz-fest that is Puked All Over Your Backseat.

For those who don't know (where have you been?!) in 2023 year GRIM17 is releasing a single a month from his stunning album Messing With Your Faith (available now on CD before it reaches streaming in full from 2024).

Each single also has a B-Side which will be added to the '2nd disc' of the Messing With Your Faith Deluxe Edition, So Easily Bored (The Messing With Your Faith B-Sides Album) which will also be available on CD later in 2023.


More to come on this years Summer Singles series in Part 2...

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