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#AlbumWritingClub - vote for your favourite single!

The return of #AlbumWritingClub in 2023 has been a HUGE success with over 60 people entering and 36 completed Albums and EPs submitted before the deadline!

Now it's your turn to take a listen and pick your favourite...

Every artist who enters is given the option to submit a single as part of the competition and the public get to choose their favourite - the one with the most votes gets released on Lights And Lines!

You can hear all of the Singles on SoundCloud HERE.

Choose your top 3 and vote for them HERE.

Please don't judge anyone's work based on recording quality - We did not ask artists to master their projects for final release due to time restraints. Instead think about things like songwriting, instrumentation, creativity, and how it makes you feel 😀

More info on #AlbumWritingClub

#AlbumWritingClub is a songwriting exposé by Lights And Lines. Each artist who enters takes on the challenge of writing and recording an Album or EP each in just 1 month.

It's built on the simple premise that if we bring independent musicians from around the world together for 1 month and give them all the same challenge the world will be a better place at the end of it.

#AlbumWritingClub is a community event with a behind the scenes space where people can share thoughts, ideas, progress, challenges, successes etc. as they write and record their Album.

The idea is to celebrate Album's through a shared writing experience, document progress and processes, learn from each other, and create some brand new beautiful music at the same time.

More info HERE.

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