We tend to do things differently at Lights And Lines - our subscription offer is testament to that.

When we started the label we introduced a subscription model which allows us to fund upcoming releases in advance, and pay artists faster. As we continue to grow we're able to offer these fantastic subscriptions to more people!

New subscribers will get a copy of ALL of our releases for 12 months from the date you subscribe, plus access to our entire back catalogue digitally. There's other cool stuff too, check it out...

Choose from 2 subscription tiers and in addition to the overwhelmingly smug feeling of knowing you're directly supporting independent artists and a cool indie label here's what you'll get..

2022 Subscriptions (1).png

You can choose to subscribe through Bandcamp, or contact us and we can set up payment via PayPal.

In July 2022 Lights & Lines turns 1!


In this short space of time we've released:

6 Albums and EPs on CD

3 Bonus releases - including the charity compilation album

and 5 singles, including a Christmas song!


That's a STUNNING 108 songs!!


Worth celebrating we think...

There are a number of 1st birthday celebrations planned, starting with the first #LALSummerSingles series...

Expect brand new tracks from Gozer Goodspeed and GRIM17, the debut track from Shaun Panda Nicolson, plus new singles with videos by Torrid (A Love Affair) and Crushed By Pimps... and more!

As a subscriber you'll get it all! PLUS we're planning to release 8 albums and EPs across the next 12months and some more Bonuses along the way...

Why subscribe? 

Subscriptions are the lifeblood of the label. Your upfront investment helps us plan our release schedule and pay for manufacturing, enabling us to release more and pay our artists their fair share faster without having to recoup costs. This breaks the mould of all traditional label models and we love it!​

As we grow we'll also continue with more community based events with you, the collective, like the recent #AlbumWritingClub event, the #GozersGhosts cover competition last year, our charity compilation album (look out for more of these!), the remix comp coming this summer and more. All of these are funded by subscriptions!

We also invest time and money into developing artists, no matter what stage of their career they're at. We work with our artists to help them grow an audience, release new music, and try new things. All thanks to your subscription.

Planet Saving hero Status


Since December 2021, less than 6 months after we started the label, we've been looking at how we can make the label more sustainable.


We recognise the need to balance the negative output doing things like making CDs has with the overall mission of the label - to develop amazing musical experiences that include a physical element, and pay artists fairly. We also want to experiment with NFTs in the near future - these have great potential - but they aren't that great for the environment.

Although our carbon footprint is fairly minimal at the moment (we're only small!) we want to grow in a sustainable way. We launched an environmental pledge, and started putting some of the subscription money we recieve towards Ecologi - an organisation that plants trees. 


You can find out more about our pledge, and visit our Ecologi page below. 

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