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A message from our friends at monochrome motif records

You may have gathered we're big music fans at Lights And Lines, and not just of our own fantastic releases! One of the other small independent labels we've been following closely over the last year is monochrome motif records who specialise in in Post Classical, Cinematic music and Electronica.

One of the many cool things about this label is that they were actually partly inspired to start by seeing what we were doing with Lights And Lines.

This month monochrome motif celebrates it's one year anniversary, and to celebrate they've released an awesome collaboration album featuring artists from across the label. Find out more below in their press release - and why not pick up a copy of the limited edition CD!

From monochrome motif records

April 22nd marks the first anniversary of the monochrome motif records label and to celebrate we've brought together all our existing artists & affiliates (as well as introducing new artists working on releases for the label) under the umbrella of "the monochrome assembly".

With a loose theme based around the ocean, "poseidon's realm" presents a mix of vocal & instrumental tracks across the various genres championed by the label.

This 13 track 52 minute album of brand new music, including several first time collaborations, really showcases the full range of the label's roster.

It's available April 7th for pre order exclusively on Bandcamp on CD or Download. If you enjoy music by A Sea Warren, Cosmic Bos, Andrew Hartshorn, Hipster Pug, Natalie Williams Calhoun, Dan Johnson (Age of Infernal) Alexa Thanos, Sean Ettlin then come and check it out, you won’t be disappointed.

Get 6 tracks immediately with the remainder available on 22nd April, our birthday.

Andrew Hartshorn

Label manager

monochrome motif records

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