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Votes are OPEN for the best #AlbumWritingClub Single!

We'd like YOU to pick the winner in our Single's category!

This May Lights And Lines hosted our fits #AlbumWritingClub - a songwriting exposé where we asked independent artists worldwide to take up the challenge and write and record an Album or EP in just one month! Over 50 independent artists and musicians signed up to write and record an album in 1 month, and in the end we got nearly 30 completed projects! Each artist was asked to pick a Single for one of the prize categories and let the public decide the winner. So now it's over to you... To hear all of the singles go to this playlist on SoundCloud.

Have a listen and decide who you want to vote for. Place your votes here. You can vote for more than one song, just go back to the link and vote again. However you can't vote for the same song multiple times - it will only be counted as one vote! The winner of this category will get support from Lights And Lines to release their single, including a full PR campaign where we'll help promote the song to our global network of media and radio outlets who support independent music.

Please don't judge anyone's work based on recording quality - We did not ask artists to master their projects for final release due to time restraints. Instead think about things like songwriting, instrumentation, creativity, and how the song makes you feel When you've voted why not share the playlist and ask some friends to do the same. We'll keep you up to date with the other prize categories, including which artist we decide to sign and release their album on Lights And Lines. The winning album will be released to all of our subscribers, and available to buy on Bandcamp later in the year. Finally a HUGE well done to everyone who completed the challenge - you are all awesome!

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