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We asked YOU to cover Gambler's Last Day by Gozer Goodspeed for the opportunity to win some great prizes. Entries closed on 27th August 2021 - here's what we asked you to do...


Below are all the entries we received, along with the original version of the song. The entries were submitted either on SoundCloud or YouTube. The winner will be chosen soon by Gozer Goodspeed and Mike Five (LAL). Watch this space for all the details and make sure you check the #GozersGhosts hashtag on Twitter.

Soundcloud Playlist

Video Entries

Find out more about the album and grab your own CD Digipak here:


The small print (actually it's not that small and kind of useful!)​

Competition closes and midnight on 27th August 2021 and winner announced shortly afterwards. You can cover all or part of the song in any way you like, on any instrument but please include at least a verse and a chorus. To enter you must be following Gozer on Twitter or Instagram and tag him in your entry using the hashtag #GozersGhosts. Gozer Goodspeed and Mike Five will pick a winner based on the cover they like the most. Prizes: 12month Digital Subscription to the Lights And Lines Label, signed CD, and free promo. 12 month Digital Subscription includes digital download versions of everything released on Lights And Lines between July 2021 and July 2022. Signed CD of Ghosts of the Future & Past will be signed by Gozer Goodspeed and can include a message (your choice, some people don't like having marker pen all over the CD!). Free promo includes a number of Twitter posts through the label and artist accounts highlighting you and your music.- there's no set number or timeframe, we'll make a big fuss at the beginning and the try to support where we can going forward.

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