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Why buy a Lights And Lines Subscription?

We tend to do things differently at Lights And Lines - our subscription offer is testament to that. Find out more about our subscriptions here.

When we started the label we introduced a subscription model which allows us to fund upcoming releases in advance, and pay artists faster. As we continue to grow we're able to offer these fantastic subscriptions to more people!

New subscribers will get a copy of ALL of our releases in 2022 and pay less than you would to buy them individually. Plus there's other cool stuff too, check it out.

Choose from 2 subscription tiers and in addition to the overwhelmingly smug feeling of knowing you're directly supporting independent artists and a cool indie label here's what you'll get..

Why buy a Subscription?

Brexit and then COVID have hit parts of the music industry hard, and the reality is that independent artists were already struggling. With streaming services paying as little as £0.003 per stream, and over 60,000 tracks being uploaded to Spotify each day it's hard to get heard, and even harder to make any money from being in a band.

It's not all about the money of course, but musicians are people too and they still need to do things like pay rent and eat food. More importantly perhaps, the fact is that in today's economy not many musicians can afford to give up their day job to chase their dreams - but we all want our favourite artists to be able to keep creating music.

The traditional indie label model is based on a 50/50 profit split - artists and labels get paid the same amount once the costs of an album are recovered. This is a great deal compared to the complex major label deals that pay very little to artists, however, recovering the costs can often be a long and difficult process for an indie label, which still means it's hard for artists to make any money.

As a result many indie labels tend to work on limited edition releases i.e. print a certain number of CDs / Records etc and once they're gone, they're gone. This is great for existing fans who want something rare and exciting, but what about the people who discover the band years later? We don't believe music has a shelf life.

At Lights And Lines our subscribers help offset the cost of manufacturing, distributing, and advertising our releases which means we can pay our artists for every copy sold, rather than have to wait to recoup our costs, and keep our back catalogue in stock. The more subscribers we have - the more we can continue to support artists, and release new music. And we all want that, don't we?

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