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Updated release schedule and FOUR new pre-orders!

Ready for a bit of a mega update?

We've updated our Album / EP release schedule for 2023 and put no less than FOUR pre-orders up already!! This list is by no means exclusive, there will be more. And it doesn't include singles, bonuses, or streaming releases... but we think you'll agree it's a VERY strong start!


Following on from the release of Rebel Tramp's Intra Dimensional Fantasies (see HERE), our first pre-order is Gozer Goodspeed’s upcoming album, Escape Hatch Fever. Expect incredible guitar playing, soulful vocals, and precise attention to detail in songwriting.

Plus the artwork is SO good on this one we made it into a limited edition poster which you can pick up in our Merch Store.

More info and pre-order HERE. The album will be out on Bandcamp from 3rd March.


We also released pre-orders for TWO Shaun Panda Nicolson albums!

It was always the plan to release Songs From The Pink Room, a stunning album where Panda shares pockets of sadness, flashes of hope, and moments of reflection, all sprinkled across this gorgeous record with his stunning voice guiding the listener through a journey into the artists soul.

More info and pre-order HERE.

In addition to that, last year Panda also shared with me a completely different project he’d been working on and I was just as floored by what became Abstractions in the Dark. This is a much darker, ambient-instrumental album showing a very different side to Panda. High emotion and deep consideration for melody are still present throughout, but presented with an element of the unexpected.

The album has a lo-fi feel that lends itself really well to a Cassette Tape so for the first time EVER we’ve decided to make that happen!

More info and pre-order HERE.

There are options to buy both CDs or my favourite the "Everything Ends Except The Format Choices" ultimate merch bundle where you get both CDs and the Tape! See Panda’s MERCH page for more info.

Both albums come out on 31st March through Bandcamp.


And last but certainly not least we put up the pre-order for Mikey J’s Wondering.

This is a glorious guitar driven indie, pop, blues and even a bit of ska. They all come together on this fantastic piece of work, underpinned by Mikey J's talented musicianship and keen ear for catchy melodies.

Lead single My Little Dragon Girl won Best Single by public vote in the #AlbumWritingClub competition last year, and knowing how good the entire album was we knew immediately that we HAD to release it on Lights And Lines!

More info and pre-order HERE. The full album comes out on 21st April.

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