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OUT NOW! Rebel Tramp - Intra Dimensional Fantasies

The wait is finally over...

Back in May 2022 Rebel Tramp signed up to the Lights And Lines #AlbumWritingClub - the challenge was to write and record an album in 1 month.

Rebel Tramp decided to use that time to - in his own words - "be my weirdest self" and Intra Dimensional Frequencies was born! The EP depicts a fantastic songwriting journey, with elements of experimentation and an overall desire to push the boundaries of creativity really shining through across the whole piece.

Intra Dimensional Frequencies won 'Best EP' in the competition shortly after and we are delighted to be releasing the complete EP through the label.

The album is currently available on CD and as a download on Bandcamp HERE.

Followers of Rebel Tramp and Lights And Lines will be familiar with the first single from this EP, Wavetashia, a crazy mix of blues rock and experimental electronic music. The full EP expands on these themes, taking the listener experience in different directions and down different rabbit holes along the way. I've never heard anything like it before, it was clear to me we simply HAD to share this with the world... I'm certain you'll love it!

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