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Time to introduce our #AlbumWritingClub mentors!

Were delighted to be able to tell you more about some of the amazing mentors we've enlisted to help support the artists, answer questions, and pick one of the winners for The Album Writing Club...


First up it's our friends at Sunshine Music iRadio!

We're big fans of these guys, and after speaking for several months we really wanted to get them involved - their philosophy around supporting independent music is very aligned to our own.

One of the artists involved in the competition will win a full album play through on the station on a one-off special show which will also be made available as a podcast afterwards!


Anaelle Pourcelot

Anaelle has 10+years experience in stage management acting as an artist liaison, working with bands, lighting directors, venues etc

In addition to this fantastic experience Anaelle has managed a band, and happens to be a top photographer and creative artist.

Fans of the label may also recognise Anaelle from her cameo appearance in the music video for The Red Ealdorman by Awen Veleda.


James Wilson

James is a long term friend of the label, in fact we first met when he reviewed 1 in Five's Evolve EP way back in 2016!

James is one of the most passionate writers around when it comes to up and coming bands, his reviews on Indie Band Guru are considered and thought out, and he has continuously show to be someone who really cares about supporting the independent music scene.

His vast experience listening to and writing about hundreds of new releases makes him the perfect person to join our team!


Phil Thomas

Phil is an award winning songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, he also been a music journalist for over 25 years and writes for a number of well known music publications including Folk Radio, FATEA magazine and Spiral Earth.

We first met Phil when he reviewed Gozer Goodspeed's Ghosts album, we then went on to work together putting out the amazing Christmas song No Kiss Under The Mistletoe which he wrote and won an award for!


Marc Shuster

Marc's Abominations blog has caught the eye of many up and coming indie musicians of late as his well researched, in-depth interviews provide rich insights into the world of making music.

A musician himself with an impressive catalogue of often jazz influenced indie-pop, lo-fi, and rock tunes, Marc is someone with a wealth of experience to share with his fellow songwriters.

Fun fact, Marc also wrote a children's book about a drum kit recently which will soon be available to buy!


There is one elephant in the room that needs addressing. Our amazing cast of mentors is a bit male heavy at the moment... first up everyone here is awesome and deserves to be here, and as you can clearly see it's not all men! But full disclosure - we had some drop outs due to unforeseen circumstances that would have brought us better balance. Don't fear though dear reader, we are actively looking to replace these roles and will hopefully have an update for you very soon.

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