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Out now! One Blind Mouse - Soliciting Chapter IV

One Blind Mouse is a shining light in the experimental world, he makes minimalism look busy while composing idiosyncratic, genre confused 'music', often fuelled by objectionable human behaviour!

Soliciting Chapter IV is One Blind Mouse's first release on Lights And Lines. The album is a themed collection in which the tunes both borrow and lend musical strategies from the tracks immediately prior to and following them, where appropriate.

In the build up to this amazing album we released a track a week on Bandcamp until the official release date on 6th May. Now the full album is released listeners can still enjoy the tracks individually, but they are also designed to flow together so you can listen to one after the other, with no pauses.

Primary instruments include a cheap Chinese Stratocaster copy, a Moog Matriarch, Revox A77 2-track tape recorder, a Pignose PGG-20, some more conventional VSTi, and other instruments and noises.

Timing is not considered important to the pieces (although some are relatively 'typical’) and both time signatures and key may be arbitrary, even within a single tune.

It is experimental. It is however, music.

You can find out more about the artist and the album here.

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