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Gozer Goodspeed and GRIM17 team up with a new song to support charity compilation

Lights And Lines label mates Gozer Goodspeed and GRIM17 have teamed up to write and record a brand new and exclusive single in support of the label's firs charity compilation album, Letters To Sonny Vol. 1.

The song Things That You Know You Can't Say Aloud brings together two incredible songwriters with many similarities in style and approach, but usually very different outcomes!

Written initially by Gozer Goodspeed the song begins with one of Gozer's trademark acoustic bluesy guitar refrains and soulful voice singing the intriguing opening line:

"Look man no hands, look now no wires, I'm on the edge, with the flickering fires, burning in the distance, beckoning beckoning"

GRIM17's influence kicks in as the song progresses as the first crackles of this songs

anthemic drum beat are introduced followed by his powerful backing vocals.

The song builds quickly into something of an anthem showcasing some of the best bits of each artists performance.

The song was kept secret at first by the two artists from Label Manager, Mike Five, who said:

"This is a bit of a dream for me. I only choose to work with artists I love and admire and I've always imagined and hoped that some of the people on the label would one day collaborate together.
For Gozer and GRIM to get together in the context of a charity album that means so much to me personally - and keep a secret from me until the last minute - means the world to me! And the song sounds AMAZING!"

Letters To Sonny Vol. 1

Things That You Know You Can't Say Aloud is the opening track on Letters To Sonny Vol. 1, the label's first charity compilation album raising money for Young Epilepsy in the UK.

The compilation was put together by label Manager Mike Five following his 8 month old sons diagnosis with Epilepsy earlier this year. This amazing collection features 19 tracks by a variety of independent artists affiliated with the Lights And Lines label.

Put together in 2 parts, going with a similar theme to the New Music Saturday podcast that Mike also co-hosts, the first half made up of more guitar based music, while the 2nd half takes listeners down the rabbit hole into the less traditional side of the independent music scene.

Most of the tracks on here are unreleased, some will never be released elsewhere, and some are very rare demos!

Read more here.

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