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GRIM17 - Messing With Your Faith (CD)

GRIM17 - Messing With Your Faith (CD)


The "My God Is The Sun" 4 panel CD pack

From the opening chord of GRIM17's brightly strummed acoustic guitar to the heavy-phashed, glitched tribal drumbeat that plays out at the end of the album, Messing With Your Faith is one of the most perfect examples of a complete album we at Lights And Lines have ever heard.


GRIM17 has always been openly recognised by peers and fans as an incredibly talented songwriter. His haunting vocal harmonies, powerful buildups and dramatic drops all make up  part of his trademark melancholy sound. While genre is often seen as irrelevant for GRIM17 his music is unmistakably his own. 


Messing With Your Faith takes this to a new level by presenting an accomplished set of songs that together take you on an exciting journey through the soul of the artist and out into the world around us. 


Great albums are special because they are more than just a collection of songs and greater than the sum of their parts. They are built on feeling, emotion, and a profound moment of connection between the artist and the listener. 


In a world where there's frankly too much music to listen to let alone repeat it, Messing With Your Faith gifts us a rare opportunity to enjoy listening over and over again.


For many this will be an album that grows with us for a long time to come. Existing GRIM17 fans will adore this album, new fans may well find they love it immediately, for others it will grow. 


Whoever you are, we're sure you'll agree this is something pretty special.

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