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#AlbumWritingClub returns this May!

Calling all musicians... Do you want to join others taking on the challenge of writing and recording an Album or EP in a month? Read on for more info on this years #AlbumWritingClub!

In May 2022 over 50 independent musicians signed up to take on the challenge of writing and recording an Album or EP in just 1 month. Here's what happened:

  • 27 brand new Albums / EPs were completed - that's an incredible amount of amazing new music for the world to enjoy!

  • We ended up signing 3 of them on Lights And Lines and releasing their entries on CD!

  • At least 1 other got signed to another label!

  • And over 300 people voted in the 'Best Single - Public Vote' category!

  • Several others have collaborated and released new music since meeting at the event!

  • This year we want to make it even bigger and better...

Below we've summarised everything you need to know about this years event. If you want to skip all of that and sign up straight away head over HERE.

Tell me more...

#AlbumWritingClub is a songwriting exposé by Lights And Lines. It's built on the simple premise that if we bring independent musicians from around the world together for 1 month and give them all the same challenge the world will be a better place at the end of it.

It's a community event with a behind the scenes space where people can share thoughts, ideas, progress, challenges, successes etc. as they write and record their Album.

The idea is to celebrate Album's through a shared writing experience, document progress and processes, learn from each other, and create some brand new beautiful music at the same time.

Why do it in 1 month?

The time limit has 3 key benefits:

  1. It creates a challenge, and the challenge is what makes it interesting. This is an opportunity to push creative boundaries, make decisions quickly, and see what happens.

  2. It allows everyone to work together. Musicians write and record stuff in their own time all the time, and there's nothing wrong with that. But this is about a group of people coming together and all trying to achieve the same thing at the same time, which allows them to work together, share ideas, learn from each other, and get support from others going through the same challenge.

  3. It gives us a definitive end point. How often do people rewrite songs over and over again, seeking perfection but never finding it. Sometimes you need an end point to say 'this is finished' and be done with it!

What can I win?

This year we're offering 2 main prizes:

  1. Best Album! A record deal with Lights And Lines! Judged by Label Manager, Mike Five. Last year we ended up splitting this into Best Album and Best EP and releasing both, depending on the entries we might decide to do that again.

  2. Best Single - Public Vote. Each album entry is asked to pick their single and we let the public decide who their favourite is. We'll give the winning single the full PR treatment with press releases to radio and reviewers to help promote your single as much as possible. Mikey J won last year and we loved his whole Album so much we actually ended up putting the whole thing out on the label - maybe that'll happen again, who knows...

  3. Judges Choice and One To Watch awards. Our expert panel of judges (announcements coming soon!) will each choose their favourite entries and these will get a Judges Choice award. In addition Label Manager, Mike Five, will pick out his One's to Watch. We can't sign everyone sadly but we do want to recognise the efforts of some of the entries that really catch our eye. The prize has no direct monetary value, but you do get a certificate and can tell the world you have an award winning album!

What's different in 2023?

In 2023 we're going to try a few new things to raise awareness and build on the achievements of last year.

One key focus is to find more chances to broaden our reach, get the general public involved, and find new fans for all of the artists who join. We're currently exploring a number of ideas including:

  • Virtual launch parties (ticketed)

  • Competitions and raffles linked to the #AlbumWritingClub

  • A short podcast series all about the event

  • And lots more...

What do I have to do in May?

Think of May as the Studio month. When you go to a studio you've probably got some ideas, maybe a few lyrics or riffs, maybe even an idea for a cover or a completed song. Maybe you prefer to have nothing and just see what happens!

Whatever your way of doing things the studio month is about bringing that all together, recording the songs, and getting to at least a pre-master mix.

We're not expecting everyone to have nailed their final mixes and completed Mastering within the month. All of our winners last year did this afterwards.


If you have questions please let me know either by Tweeting them to @Mike1inFive (that way I can respond publicly in case others want to know the same thing), or via email if it's private on

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