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Winter Deals!

This week we are taking a delivery of 400 more CDs! Exciting times, but space is a premium so we need to reduce some of our back catalogue stock... so now is the time to grab a bargain!!


First up our FIRST ever release. LAL-001: Gozer Goodspeed - Ghosts of the Future & Past.

A retrospective and expansive collection of songs by Plymouth’s most distinctive and imaginative songwriter. FFO #Folk#Blues and #hats.

The album recontextualises Gozer Goodspeed’s incredible back catalogue for listeners, and introduces some brand new, never-before-released tracks at the same time.

"...a mammoth work... most impressive ...a fine way to provide an introduction to a talented artist you might not have heard before" - Fatea Magzine

This collection was lovingly put together to introduce you to an artist with an extraordinary voice, a deep love of folk music and storytelling, and a strong affinity for the sounds of the blues. With Gozer's Escape Hatch Fever album due out on Lights And Lines on 3rd March this could be the perfect opportunity to get to know some of Gozer's ghosts in advance of the big day. CDs are now £8 down from £10.


Next up it's a Crushed By Pimps BUNDLE!

Poetic #postpunk noise rock with a social conscience.

Space Between The Eyebrows gives you an incredible fast-paced mix of post-hardcore, punk, and prog with big bulging bass lines, seething guitars, and mighty drums!

Battle of Britain Memorial Sausage is filled with jazzy inversions and psychedelic bluesy breakdowns, reflecting the diversity in Crushed By Pimps' songwriting. From the energetic opening hi-hats of Makes You Think to the leisurely come down at the end of Benjamin Refuses To Die, you're guaranteed to go on a real journey with this one!


So why not grab yourself a bargain, support these fantastic artists, and get some fantastic music in your ears at the same time!

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