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Will Bebo save indie music?

Bebo’s return is interesting. Facebook has been dead for music for a long time now sadly, most pages reach no-one without paid advertising and whilst I understand their use and tje point the balance has gone too far in that direction.

In all honesty if it wasn’t for groups and events I would have left Facebook a long ago. Groups when put together well and as a community are brilliant and I don't think any other platform has this in the same way. Similarly when done right (don't just add everyone!) events are a really useful way of engaging with people and increasing gig attendance.

Instagram has always been a retrofit job for me - I use it sometimes because it’s there, not because it’s good.

Twitter offers direct communication with fans and peers and a great chance to engage with people if used correctly. However each idea is short lived and the next day the world moves on!

So with this news I'm curious... Could Bebo help indie music?

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