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When people band together... Marc Schuster interviews label founder Mike Five

Marc Shuster interviews Lights And Lines label founder Mike Five on his awesome new music blog, Abominations.

I was thrilled to be asked if I'd like to be interviewed by Marc Shuster on his amazing Abominations blog. And even happier when I saw the thought and care he'd put into finding out about the label and really personalising his questions.

In this wide ranging interview we talk about the label, our artists, the festival, The Inner Sleeve podcast, New Music Saturday and YHHTMPC, subscriptions and other things I'm involved in. But we also go deeper and talk about community, isolation, collectivism, the daunting prospect of releasing music and so much more!

Please do check it out HERE.

And have a listen to Marc's own music while you're there - he's making some very cool sounds.

Mike Five

Label Manager

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