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We did it! An amazing effort - thank you!

The crowdfunder is over and we finished on an amazing 145%!

And actually in truth I got a phone call from a family member shortly after the site closed this morning asking if it was too late, with their contribution (now received separately) we ended closer to 150% - an amazing effort from everyone, thank you!

What happens next?

Now it's a case of us ordering everything and getting it sent out to you. The plan is for everyone to receive their 1st package towards the end of July, around a week before the first planned release (currently penciled in for July 30th).

To meet this deadline we've already ordered the stickers, badges, and plectrums (everyone will get these no matter what they ordered as a little thank you bonus from us!), and we'll also order the T-Shirts today.

The 7" vinyl's from Twice As High records are already on the way over to us from Virginia ready to send out too. If you're in the US these will come direct from TAH in a separate package as there's no sense in them being sent here and us sending them back. We will send a separate email this week to those of you who chose the 12 month subscription option to ask you which vinyl you'd like with your package.

If you ordered one of the 12 month subscription options you'll continue to receive packages from us throughout the year as new releases come out. We'll aim to get each one to you about a week before the release date so you will always have an exclusive!

Digital subscribers will also be able to access downloads around a week before release.

Lets not forget, it's all about the music

Meanwhile we continue to work closely with all of our artists to get everything ready for the amazing releases we've got planned for this year and beyond! We're also continuing our great work with Twice As High records to bring UK and Europe music fans more amazing TAH Vinyl with much more sensible and accessible postage costs. AND there's lots more going on in the background. Expect lots of music updates in the future!

And finally - our golden ticket winner!

This morning just after the crowdfund finished we assigned numbers to everyone who contributed to the Crowdfund and asked Google to randomly pick a number... and the winner is....

Congratulations to number 3 - Matthew Brooks! We'll be in touch to confirm your upgrade.

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Brilliant - well done Mike & Team! 🎼 (Luna Blue)

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