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Tips for bands: Sharing music with the media

I get 100s of tracks sent every week so I thought it would be useful to share some advice based on that experience. I'm not saying these tips are are "right" they are just my own personal thoughts...

General notes

  • I wouldn't lead with played on BBC Introducing / Kerrang / Planet Rock etc. These achievements are more common than you think and fairly easily available at a price through a good plugger. Moreover I want to 'discover' something so I prefer stuff no-one has ever heard!

  • On that note I don't really think that mentioning how many Spotify streams its had is relevant. It's not automatically a mark of quality - even if they are real.

  • For airplay / gigs etc make sure your EPK has quick links at the top. Most hosts / promoters etc (me included) like to listen first and then if we like it after a few seconds we'll read on. It's not ideal, its not how art was intended to be consumed, but it is a reality sadly.

  • It doesn't really matter if you listen to a show you submit to or not. You've heard your own tracks already & you're not the target audience. If you're a music lover thats great, enjoy! But either way try and support your fellow musicians by encouraging your fans to listen in.

Tell stories!

Equally just dropping a link into an email or a tweet isn't enough! I'm not a big fan of Bio's telling me who's in the band and how you met at school - but I like stories! Tell me what this is about and why I should care. This example by @ThirdRatePoet still sticks in my mind

Another example is this story from @BinauralSpace (read whole thing here). Done well these sorts of things stay with you and make you keep coming back to the music. Tell stories to stand out.

What other things do you do to get noticed?

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