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It's time for action!

We've been making lots of noise over the last year or so about who we are and what we want to be. Now we are officially turning that noise into action!

We're proud to present the new look Lights And Lines, a music collective and record label where curation sits at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to share new and exciting music from the underground with music lovers everywhere, providing some unique and exciting experiences along the way.


Our intention is to share amazing stories through music. Stories have the power to conjure up feelings of hope or despair and choose to bring us light or darkness. They can be based on fiction or fact, some are poignant, some are sad, some are inspiring. Whatever the function or outcome of a story, the idea of narrative is an innate part of what makes us human.

It's estimated that human beings have been making music for around 55,000 years. Starting with our voices, and then most likely hitting things to find rhythms we've been using music to tell stories since the dawn of time. Through the ages music has accompanied story telling, helping pass down accumulated wisdom through the generations.

In 2021 we believe that in a world where everything is digital it can be rewarding to have something to hold. We’re working with artists to offer tangible experiences to listeners through physical formats like CDs, Tapes, and Records, and enhance these with digital assets such as ezines, downloadable artwork and podcasts.


  1. Music is political. We embrace the opportunity to use art to tell stories, fight wars, and change minds.

  2. Genre is fluid and taste subjective. Instead you will know us by the way we make you feel.

  3. It's not about revolutions per minute. One revolution in a lifetime could change the world forever.

  4. In open minds. Sometimes you have to be lost to find something.

  5. Real power comes from below, not above. We want to build real, strong, and local communities up from the underground.

The music we will share with you reflects these beliefs. We'll be bringing you new and exciting music from up and coming artists across the world and we can't wait to share them with you!

Watch this space for further announcements and some chances to get involved this week and beyond...

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