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Review: Mister Susan - A Popularity Contest

Our good friend Dr. Bones gives us his thoughts on the limited edition Mister Susan CD.

Fans of the label will be familiar by now with London's most prominent post-punk poets, Crushed By Pimps. But did you know that before CBP the founding members were purveyors of London's Electroprogpunk movement as part of Mister Susan?

Inspired in equal measure by the DIY punk ethics of early hardcore bands and the experimentation of electronic and progressive rock Mister Susan were never easily defined.

After gigging extensively and releasing a live EP, the band recorded the 18 track masterpiece A Popularity Contest and released it on 1st April 2016.

The band have dug out a handful of left over CDs from the Mister Susan days which we're releasing through Lights And Lines on 1st April to tie in with the release of the new Crushed By Pimps EP, Space Between The Eyebrows, exactly 6 years after A Popularity Contest first came out.

Check it out here.

Our good friend Dr. Bones of New Music Saturday has been championing in the album on his podcast since it's release 6 years ago, so we asked him to remind us why he thinks it's such a great album!


Mister Susan's album A Popularity Contest is the prog rockers one and only full length album. It broke ground with a unique spin on society's underlying subliminal propaganda message that everything is a popularity contest - just like high school.

The band drives the point home in one of my favourite songs Bathrobes and Towels, with politically driven lyrics and an excerpt of Henry Rollins spoken word. With heavy drumming, catchy and hard hitting guitar riffs mixed with tripped out bass lines and keys.

Of course they wouldn't be Mister Susan without a bit of humour, such as the lyrics in I Want To Do Something Creepy To You. Although the band called it a day this is an album you definitely want in your collection!

Dr. Bones, New Music Saturday


Subscribers to the label have got their copies already, leaving us with just 21 copies to offer on general sale! Get yours while you still can. These will never be printed again!!

In addition to the CD you'll also get to download the special Mister Susan Photo Scrapbook... which is a bit silly but kind of fun.


"Mister Susan create a record that takes traditional punk values and mixes them with a myriad of genres and influences that takes it in their own, personal and thoughtful direction. Keep an eye out for this band, they are sure to be careering into your town to fuck up the political agenda very soon."

- Becci Stanley (Toxic Online)

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