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Artist Announcement: It's time to get some Crushed By Pimps in your life!

Crushed By Pimps become part of the Lights And Lines family!

Lights And Lines is thrilled to announce the latest artist to join our collective, London based noise makers Crushed By Pimps!

A fusion of post-Punk, prog rock and electronic music, Crushed By Pimps blew the crowd away with their stunning last minute appearance at the 2021 Off The Record Independent Music Festival.

And, perhaps not surprisingly their exclusive track Makes You Think on the Lights And Lines charity compilation Letters To Sonny Vol. 1 has been one of the most talked about tunes on the 19 track album.

The band have been busy recording this year and we're thrilled to be working with them to put the new must-have Pimps releases into the hands of music lovers everywhere next year. More info to come soon on what we'll be releasing and when, but needless to say you won't have to wait too long for something pretty special!

Label Manager, Mike Five, had this to say about the partnership,

"Crushed By Pimps debut album in 2018 was one of the most important records of it's time. They managed to capture the dissonance and disorder of the world at the time perfectly in this unique fly on the wall commentary on society. I can't wait to share with you what they have to say about the world in 2022!"

The band were thrilled to be joining the fold, saying,

"Here at Pimp Towers, we're absolutely stoked to be working with Lights and Lines, and Mike. We're jumping in with some fine acts already involved on this brilliantly curated label, and can't wait to get going."

Check out Wilde Magazine's short interview with the band shortly after their Off The Record set in November below. And remember- the best way to get some Crushed By Pimps into your life, as well as all of the other fantastic Lights And Lines releases in 2022 is to grab yourself a subscription to the label here.


Find Crushed By Pimps by searching @crushedbypimps on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram

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