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Out now! New single by Torrid (A Love Affair)

The 3rd single from Torrid (A Love Affair)'s heavy grunge debut album Poems From Mars...

The 3rd single from Poems From Mars is the beautiful (see what I did there) live acoustic track, I Can't Be Beautiful. Full of Alice In Chains Unplugged vibes and a hint of Heart this track was actually recorded live in studio garden one hot summers day last year.

Check out the video, capturing the original performance in all it's glory! We'll update this post when it's up too.

AND as a special treat the band recently recorded a live version of the Portishead song Glory Box which we've included as a Bandcamp only B-Side.


Have you heard Poems From Mars?

Poems From Mars debut album by Torrid (A Love Affair) features 11 huge rock anthems that blend grungey guitars and a hard hitting rhythm section with soulful lead vocals.

This eclectic collection of tracks is an exploration of relationships - with partners, parents, even ourselves. The band wanted to represent all aspects of life within this musical soundscape from their careers and relationships, to their abilities and disabilities, and their ridiculous sense of humour!

With Grunge and Stoner rock influences such as Queens Of The Stone Age, Deftones, and Alice In Chains, Poems From Mars features heavy, and hook filled songs that are punctuated with 3 part harmonies and packed full of emotive, semi-autobiographical themes.

Lyrically, Poems From Mars looks at the way people love, hate, and see themselves and others, covering topics such as personal relationships, bullying, and self-reflection.

Up until now Poems From Mars has only been available on Bandcamp, but we're delighted to announce that in tandem with the release of I Can't Be Beautiful the debut album will now also be available everywhere! Of course the best way to listen to it AND support the band is on CD - only available on Bandcamp.

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