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Out everywhere! Gozer Goodspeed - Full Tilt Revival

New single and brand new lyric video form Gozer Goodspeed

As part of our 1 year anniversary celebrations Lights And Lines is pleased to present the first in our Summer Singles series (#LALSummerSingles), a brand new Gozer Goodspeed song - Full Tilt Revival.

The rolling drums and sparse melody made of bending guitar notes are straight out of the Breaking Bad soundtrack while Goodspeed's vocals are whisky soaked and unwavering. - Listen With Monger

Gozer is always moving forward, developing his distinct sound, and experimenting. Full Tilt Revival is the first Gozer Goodspeed track to feature him exclusively playing slide guitar. It's also the first 'full band' release recorded entirely at Gozer's home studio, with him playing all of the instruments.

Fans will be pleased to hear that Gozer's contemporary and soulful mix of Blues and Folk is still ever present, rooted firmly in storytelling and remodelled for 2022 with added bravura style.

Full Tilt Revival is a song about wanting to reject fantasies, placebos and illusions, and live your own life at full volume. Returning to one of Gozer's thematic preoccupations - renewal - the song invites you to remain silent no more, to embrace the best version of your own existence you can, and let nobody stand in your way.

The track is the first from an upcoming EP release you can expect to find on Lights And Lines in the near future!

Order your copy here

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