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New single by Emilie Lierre - Walk Alone

Emilie Lierre - Walk Alone

Folk / Pop / Soul

Emilie Lierre’s low-toned, soulful, singing voice has a truly commanding presence. Backed up by the alluring chimes of her trustee Ukulele, the charisma that exudes from Emilie’s performances is truly electrifying!

A broken down relationship and a yearning to wander the earth lead Emilie Lierre to Australia where she busked to make a living and explored the southern hemisphere for 2 years. Appearances on ABC and Triple R radio in Melbourne gave her the confidence to pursue her musical dream and record an 8 track album on her return (The Wanderer, released October 2022).

Walk Alone is the 2nd single from the album, due out on 20th Jan 2023. The opening line "People come into your life for a reason, a moment, a year, a lifetime, who knows." sets the scene for this hauntingly beautiful tale about self reflection, standing on your own 2 feet, and finding the courage to walk alone.

The song was chosen as the 2nd single from the album by popular demand with several independent radio stations, bloggers, and fans picking it out as a favourite. Walk Alone even reached the number 1 spot on a Spanish indie radio chart recently!

A nomad by nature, born in Manchester, brought up in Portsmouth, but comfortable anywhere, Emilie Lierre’s music takes the listener on a journey of their own through her thoughts on life, love, and the world around us.

Until a chance meeting with Lights And Lines Label Manager, Mike Five, earlier this year songs from The Wanderer had only ever been heard live or on the streets. And whilst a ‘full band’ album is in the works, our introduction to Emilie Lierre is a purely acoustic album featuring nothing but a lightly strummed Ukulele and Emilie’s trademark deep soulful singing voice. Each song is recorded in just one take, stripped back to the way it was originally intended.

This is an honest recording in every sense, portraying the message that Emilie’s music is made with purpose rather than frivolity or exuberance. And the results are beautiful!

Listen to the album here.

And don't forget to pick up a CD while you're there!

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