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Maybe we'll throw a record in...

Even though I said we probably won't do anything on vinyl in the first year that position may now change... let me explain...

I had a very positive call with a good friend of mine yesterday who runs a small label in Virginia (I think - my US geography isn't very good). They've released 1 single so far on a gorgeous 7", another one on the way, and have plans for lots of future releases.

Anyone who has ever ordered a record or CD from the US to the UK will know that the cost of postage is through the roof for some reason. The conversation we had was about Lights And Lines distributing their records in Europe / UK to reduce some of this cost for listeners and enable more people to hear these fantastic tunes. This feels like a really positive step as collaboration is what we're all about - the more chances we have to talk about and offer outlets for independent musicians the better!

We've also agreed to get things going by including something special in the Crowdfund! The current plan is that anyone who orders the top tier perk (1 Year Sub with either the Collective or Antisocial tee) will also get one of the 7" records as part of the deal!

I'm waiting on the records to arrive before I absolutely confirm (I'm all about under promising and then hopefully over delivering!) - but things are looking good.

HOWEVER it all relies on us hitting the crowdfund target, so here's how you can help:

  • First up if you've bought a lower tier package (thank you!) and now want to upgrade this is no problem! Drop me an email on and we'll work it out.

  • Second - please share the campaign, and this update wherever you normally share stuff! Word of mouth is critical here and we are so close to our target I think this will really help

  • Third - watch this space as we are planning to announce TWO more signings across the next week or so!

Thank you for all of your support so far - you guys rock!


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