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GRIM17 - Messing With Your Singles

Messing With Your Singles

We’re trying out some different things with singles this year at Lights And Lines in addition to our superb set of album releases. We like to mix things up a bit as you know and this one is going to be lots of fun!

We decided to change our plans for the streaming release of GRIM17’s incredible album, Messing With Your Faith. Instead of putting everything out at once we thought it would interesting to see what happens if we release a song a month and then put the album together afterwards. And that's exactly what we're doing!

On the last Friday of every month from February to November in 2023 you'll get a brand new GRIM17 single added to your streaming services, each with it's own unique artwork and a B-Side!

Then in 2024 the full album will get its release, but with a twist - we'll put it out as a double album with the 2nd ‘disc’ including all of the B-Sides. We’ll get this bonus disc onto a CD available via Bandcamp later in 2023 as an early release too, and put an offer on for anyone who wants to buy both!

Can't wait that long? Buy the album now on Bandcamp and we'll be in touch about a deal on the B-Sides disc when it's ready later this year!

And don't forget, the last GRIM17 single, Bitter Shine, is available on Bandcamp too with an incredible 11 remixes created by members of the Lights And Lines collective!

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