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GRIM17 bags the Artist Spotlight on Sunshine Music iRadio!

Lights And Lines legend GRIM17 has bagged himself a place as the Artist Spotlight on Sunshine Music iRadio this month.

This month GRIM17 is featured by our friends at Sunshine Music iRadio in the Artist Spotlight. Check out the amazing page they've put together which includes a fantastic podcast review by Phil Thomas, and a fantastic GRIM17 interview with station owners Wayne and James. There's also lots of music, videos, and more info about GRIM17 on the page.

There's also quite a large section in the interview where GRIM17, Wayne, and James all shower lots of praise on Lights and Lines which is quite emotional if you're sitting on this side of the table to be honest!

We've picked out a few of our favourite bits from the spotlight for you below...

Lots of love for GRIM17 in here! Go check out the page, and make sure you give Sunshine Music iRadio a listen for lots more GRIM17 and LOADS of other great independent artists.

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