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Get to know Torrid (A Love Affair) On New Music Saturday!

The band told us what they'd do with £10m... amongst other things!

The popular New Music Saturday podcast with Dr. Bones and LAL Label Manager Mike Five had lots of fun chatting to Torrid (A Love Affair) this weekend on the show.

Speaking on a wide range of topics from what they'd each do with £10m to cuddling elephants (yep that does say that!), the podcast also played Without You, the last track on the Poems From Mars album.

Finishing the album in style Without You starts off as an Alice In Chains Unplugged style acoustic piece, before moving into a proper heavy grungey tune with some interesting half step key changes and beautiful 3-part vocal harmonies!

The band were in great form, and this interview is a good opportunity to get to know this wonderful group of friends a little better, listen in full here.

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