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Crowdfunder: Sharing amazing stories through music...

We’re really excited to have finally launched our brilliant crowdfunder.

You’ve got 3 options here with a couple of combos. We’ve kept these MEGA simple to start off with but are happy to add more if there’s demand for something…

Option 1: Antisocial Tee. By popular demand, the joint winner of our design vote a few months back, probably mostly because of the swearing! Buy a tee, support the label, look awesome while you do - job done.

Option 2: Collective Tee. The other joint winner racking up the same percentage of votes was this brilliant Collective definition Tee. We’ve gone so punk with these we didn’t even bother putting our own logo on them so you better wear them and tell people about us!

Option 3: The big one. A very reasonably priced 12 month subscription. If we release a CD, you’ll get one. Cassette Tape, you’ll get it. You get 1 of everything! Plus you get all the digital stuff too. AND we’ll throw a tee in!

Thanks for your amazing support, we're looking forward to bringing you amazing things!

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