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Brand new Gozer Goodspeed!

Gozer Goodspeed returns with a stunning new single!

Lights and Lines are thrilled to announce the release of Escape Hatch Fever, the stunning new single by singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Gozer Goodspeed.

The single, set to be released everywhere on January 27th, also includes a completely different feeling acoustic mix, and a previously unreleased B-side Only Little Victories - an acoustic demo originating from March 2021.

Goodspeed's steadily growing army of fans will be mesmerised by the emotive and driving blues-rock groove that runs throughout Escape Hatch Fever, showcasing Gozer’s impressive guitar skills and unique mastery of melody.

Escape Hatch Fever is a tale of being overworked and undervalued, looking everywhere for that elusive ‘exit door’ and a bit of revelry,. Themes that will no doubt resonate strongly with a public currently suffering through the vagaries of another bleak January.

Escape Hatch Fever is the second track to be released from Gozer's highly anticipated album of the same name, due to be released on March 3rd, 2023, and offers listeners a significant glimpse of the kinds of delights that await them on that record. An assured and playful release from one of the most talented and original artists of our time, Escape Hatch Fever is available for pre-order exclusively on Bandcamp now!

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