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Artist Announcement: Welcome Shaun Panda Nicolson!

Shaun Panda Nicolson joins the Lights And Lines collective!

Many will know Shaun Panda Nicolson because of his amazing and insightful music interview podcast 4 Songs And A Dream - but few will know perhaps that Shaun is an incredible musician in his own right. We're delighted to say that we'll be sharing a lot more of Panda's music with you in 2022, working together on an exclusive release!

Once described by himself as "Scottish islander sad Indie music" Shaun Panda Nicolson writes beautiful indie-folk tunes that give a nod to traditional music and add a modern twist. Shaun's beautiful voice is filled with effortlessly rolled R's and broad island intonations, all softly packaged up in rich harmonies and outstanding melody.

We predict that while not many people have heard his music yet, LOTS of people will be wanting more when they hear Shaun Panda Nicolson next year!

You can hear an exclusive demo of one of Shaun's tracks on the Lights And Lines compilation album Letters To Sonny Vol. 1 here.

On working with the label Shaun said:

I’m excited about working with Lights and Lines because their ethos and general ‘can do’ attitude has blown my mind over the past year.
The community that has been built is a wonderful and rare thing these days, and I’m so incredibly happy to be a part of it. I just hope I can live up to the already stellar line up of acts released by the label!

There'll certainly be no problems with living up to our expectations! Label Manager, Mike Five, was just as excited:

Shaun Panda Nicolson uses his voice for good interviewing musicians from all over the world on his amazing podcast. Little did I know until recently what else that voice could do!
I was floored when I first heard Shaun's music. Absolutely stunned. Fans of the label will know that we don't care about genre, we're working with heavy noisy bands, folky / bluesy artists, and everything in between. We only work with bands and artists that we think are special though. And as long as those special artists have heart and a good story we're interested - Shaun has bags of both!

We're really looking forward to working with Shaun Panda Nicolson next year, and remember - the best way to get his music into your life, as well as all of the other fantastic Lights And Lines releases in 2022, is to grab yourself a subscription to the label here.


Find Shaun Panda Nicolson on Twitter @PandaShaun and Instagram @Spnicolson

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