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#AlbumWritingClub - winners announced!

We're delighted to be able to share with you the winners of the #AlbumWritingClub in all categories!

For the top prize we chose a Best Album and Best EP, and for the Media Prize (Judges Choice) there was a tie between 2 artists. This plus the Best Single (Public Vote) prize meant we ended up with 5 winners instead of the 3 we planned!

Best Album - We Walk The Earth, The Ice Storm

At this stage all we can say is wow, what an album this is... there are bluesy bits, heavy bits, slow bits, sad bits, and loads to enjoy!

The prize was to win a record deal... and that's exactly what we've done. This amazing album will be coming out on CD and as a digital release on a date still TBC in the future... and trust me you will love it!

Have a listen to the I Am Hollow from the album below.

Best EP - Rebel Tramp, Intra Dimensional Fantasy

Imagine a crazy mix of blues rock and experimental electronic music... In Rebel Tramp's own words "I tried to be my weirdest self on this one" - and we think he definitely nailed that!

I can't wait to share this EP with you in full, it's completely unique and I think you'll love it! Rebel Tramp also gets a record deal, with more info to follow on plans for release. Again there will be a CD and digital version available!

Have a listen to Wavetashia from the EP below.

Media Prize (Judges Choice) - Bill Fever, III Weights | Func(x) Kwargs 1

This award was chosen by the mentors on the challenge. And interestingly they all voted completely differently - such was the quality of submissions! But 2 people just stretched ahead getting an extra vote each, so we gave them both the prize!

The prize includes a full album play through on Sunshine Music iRadio in the form of a podcast, an interview with Marc Schuster on his awesome abominations blog, an appearance on New Music Saturday with Dr. Bones and I, and some other cool things.

Bill Fever's III Weights is a great EP, filled with loads of cool little weird synthy bits, brilliant bass lines, great guitar work, and awesome vocals. It's eclectic and awesome. No wonder the judges loved it!

And Func(x)'s Kwarg's 1 is equally brilliant and completely different! This is a loud industrial electronic sounding EP, rich with interesting and exciting sounds and full of twists and turns. The judges loved it, and they voted for it!

You can check out Func(x)'s single below. Bill Fever's album remains a mystery to the public for now as he's releasing his 2nd EP first... so you'll have to wait for this one, and trust us when we say it's worth it!

Here's a sneak peak of Bill Fever's artwork... this is all we can share right now!

Best Single (Public Vote) - Mikey J, My Little Dragon Girl

If you've been paying attention you already know that we announced this one at the start of the month. But did you know that the track got a mind blowing 23% of the vote!? Listening back perhaps this isn't surprising, it's a really cool, fun, ska tune with a great horn section and really well produced. Top work!

We'll be announcing more soon on our plans to put together a full PR package for this great tune, plus hopefully a few other exciting things too...

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