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A Lights And Lines featurette on Sound Of Spitfire

Our friends at Sound Of Spitfire kindly ran a Lights And Lines featurette this week featuring 3 of our artists!

Sound of Spitfire ran a triple header featurette on the label this week playing 3 tracks from some our most recent releases.

First up they played Social Conscience by Crushed By Pimps, from the new Space Between The Eyebrows EP, a punchy start to the Lights And Lines section with just under 3 minutes of powerful post-punk aggression!

This was followed by GRIM17's track Quick! Nobody Smile from the Digital Throw Up Part's 1 + 2 album. At least one listener's comments were particularly praising of this one:

"One of the most original unsigned writers/producers I know right now! Loving the 9/8 f*ckery"

And to finish things off the station rounded off the Lights And Line segment with Torrid (A Love Affair)'s track Hurt Me, from the album Poems From Mars. This one must have been popular as someone bought the CD almost immediately after the track was played!

Check out Sound Of Spitfire here for more great music!

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