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6 cool things we're doing for Bandcamp Friday

Bandcamp Friday returns tomorrow, a day where Bandcamp waive their fees to support independent musicians, which means artists / labels get to keep 100% of the money generated on that day. It’s been a while since we had a one of these so I’m going all out for this one and have put together a package of AMAZING discounts, deals, and releases for your enjoyment! Without further ado, here are SIX cool things we’re doing for Bandcamp Friday... Every CD purchase gets a free label sampler CD! First up this one is pretty self explanatory. If you order a CD from our Bandcamp page on Bandcamp Friday we’ll also add our label sampler CD to the package! The sampler includes a selection of A & B sides from our Summer Singles series, including some exclusives you won’t find anywhere else, and our GRIM17 remix competition winning entries! Buy Lights And Lines CDs HERE.


10% off of CD Subscriptions - 1 day only! Our subscriptions are the best way to support the label and our artists. You pay a heavily discounted rate once and get a copy of EVERYTHING we release for a full year. By paying upfront you allow us to fund manufacturing by effectively pre-ordering a year’s worth of releases at a great rate. For our artists that means that unlike most other labels we don’t have to recoup costs before we pay them, so they get a truly fair deal. If I’m honest I can’t work out how to get a code to work for subscriptions, so instead I’m just taking the price down manually by 10% for one day only. This is CD only as the Digital Subscriptions are already incredibly reasonably priced!! Subscribe HERE.


Brand new releases

And Emilie Lierre's debut album The Wanderer is available on pre-order… but as we have the CDs in stock already we’ll send them out early if you order this Bandcamp Friday! This one is a real stunner, Emilie Lierre’s low-toned, soulful, singing voice has a truly commanding presence. Backed up by the alluring chimes of her trustee Ukulele, the charisma that exudes from Emilie’s performances is truly electrifying! Get your copy HERE.


50% off Gozer Goodspeed’s album Ghosts of the Future & Past - CD only

Each month in the week leading up to Bandcamp Friday we’re reducing the price of 1 CD by 50%. Times are tough for many, but we still want you to enjoy the music. This month we’ve reduced our very first release, Ghosts of the Future & Past by Gozer Goodspeed. All you have to do is use the code halfagozer at the checkout and your CD will be half price! The code expires at 11.59pm UK time on 7th October, so use it fast!

Get yours HERE.


It's not a popularity contest you know… Well ok maybe it is a little bit! This Bandcamp Friday if you buy our VERY limited edition Mr. Susan CD, A Popularity Contest, we’ll also include a 1 in Five CD for free, PLUS the label sampler which of course comes with every purchase! Get yours HERE. Who are these great bands? Well these 2 are bonuses rather than catalogue. Mr. Susan was in many ways the predecessor to Crushed By Pimps, featuring Guitarist / Vocalist Ben and Bass player Christian this is a must-have for any Pimps fans looking to expand their collection and delve into the archives. And 1 in Five? Well that’s actually my own band! We haven’t done anything in a while but I still have some copies of our last EP, Evolve, here so I thought I’d throw a few in and share some tunes with you!


And what about digital? Welll ok fair point… all of these deals are CD related so far. I can’t help it, I LOVE CDs! But as a special treat for all of you digital music lovers I’m also giving 10% off of ANY digital release in our back catalogue to celebrate Bandcamp Friday. All you have to do is use the code celebrate10 at the checkout to claim your discount. This code will expire at 11.59pm UK time on 7th October, so don’t snooze!


Thanks as always for your support! We appreciate every purchase, shout out, share, like, and comment. As a new label we've grown quickly and been able to reach hundreds of people thanks to your overwhelming positivity and support. We appreciate you! Mike Five Label Manager Lights And Lines

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