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We Walk The Earth - The Ice Storm

We Walk The Earth - The Ice Storm


The "What That Sound Is" 4 panel CD pack

"We Walk The Earth has a haunting quality, with distorted guitars and fuzzy vocals that sound as if they’re crossing into our world from across the ether." - Marc Schuster, Abominations


We Walk The Earth entered the Lights And Lines #AlbumWritingClub in May 2022 with 2 completed but unreleased albums ready to go and some ideas for another.


Fast forward a month and The Ice Storm was written, recorded, complete and voted Best Album by Label Manager Mike Five out of over 50 initial entries. 


The Ice Storm is an eclectic mix of emotive songwriting presented through a range of styles. Each song teases an idea, leaving you wanting more whilst coming together to form a complete piece of work.


It's a truly remarkable achievement to have created this in just 1 month, and one that deserves every bit of the praise it's rightly received so far!


Born our of personal tragedy, London based We Walk The Earth began as a genre-project, initially intent on experimenting with alt-country/blues sounds, before quickly moving beyond that into an expansive bluesy rock sound.


Flash forward to The Ice Storm and what you have is a genuinely eclectic mix of genres and styles tied together through the songwriting, instrumentation, and fantastic dark tones. It's broad - yet it comes together brilliantly.

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