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Torrid (A Love Affair) - Poems From Mars (CD)

Torrid (A Love Affair) - Poems From Mars (CD)


Stunning 4 panel CD pack with 8 page full colour booklet! 

This collection of tracks is an exploration of relationships - with partners, parents, even ourselves.


We wanted to represent all aspects of life with this album, our careers, our abilities and disabilities and our ridiculous sense of humour! Most importantly to ensure a message of emotional strength and resilience, that despite life's challenges we still have each other. And you!


Each track has it's own beautiful unique artwork created by local artists and available to download with every purchase. These amazing images are also printed in the 8-page CD Booklet tha accompanies this CD, along with all the lyrics.


For all those who listen, like, follow, attend, or sing along, it means the world. Thank you.


Look out for a download code in the parcel that includes the radio edit of All The Bad Men and an acoustic version of Without You as bonus tracks!

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