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Spring 2023 Collection! (CD / Tape / Poster bundle)

Spring 2023 Collection! (CD / Tape / Poster bundle)

£65.00 Regular Price
£52.00Sale Price

5 CDs | 1 Tape | 1 Poster

Well what a package this is! Enjoy the full Lights And Lines Spring 2023 Collection with 5 CDs, a tape, and a poster! Here's what you get...


Gozer Goodspeed - Escape Hatch Fever [ALBUM]

An assured, thoughtful, and playful release from one of the most talented and original artists of our time, Escape Hatch Fever is an album dazzling the critics and existing Goodspeed fans alike.


Includes CD and a beautiful A3 300gsm Album Artwork poster. PLUS downloadable desktop wallpaper and art directed lyrics book (download code in parcel).


Shaun Panda Nicolson - Songs From The Pink Room [ALBUM]

Pockets of sadness, flashes of hope, and moments of reflection are all sprinkled across this gorgeous record with Panda's stunning voice guiding the listener through a journey into the artists soul.


Includes a CD, plus a downloadable selection of pictures from the Pink Room including snippets of handwritten lyrics and notes to self. (download code in parcel)


Shaun Panda Nicolson - Abstractions in the Dark [ALBUM]

This dark, ambient, instrumental album shows us a completely different side to the artist. High emotion and deep consideration for melody are present throughout all of Panda's work, presented here with a twist on the norm and an element of the unexpected.


CD AND Cassette Tape included.


Rebel Tramp - Intra Dimensional Fantasies [EP]

The debut EP from Rebel Tramp depicts a fantastic songwriting journey, with elements of experimentation and an overall desire to push the boundaries of creativity really shining through across the whole piece.


Beautful 4 panel CD pack.


Mikey J - Wondering

Glorious guitar driven indie, pop, blues and even a bit of ska come together on this fantastic piece of work, underpinned by Mikey J's talented musicianship and keen ear for catchy melodies.

Includes CD and downloadable lyric book (download code in parcel!)

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