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Shaun Panda Nicolson - Songs From The Pink Room (CD)

Shaun Panda Nicolson - Songs From The Pink Room (CD)


The "Play It in the Pink Room" 4 Panel CD Pack

From the mountains and isolation of the Isle of Skye...

Songs From The Pink Room expands on the simple beauty of Panda's interpretation of indie-folk first heard on his debut single, Everything Ends.

Pockets of sadness, flashes of hope, and moments of reflection are all sprinkled across this gorgeous record with Panda's stunning voice guiding the listener through a journey into the artists soul.

Shaun's effortlessly rolled R's and broad Scottish isles intonations are softly packaged up in rich harmonies and outstanding melody throughout. Nods to traditional music with a modern twist are presented seamlessly as modern classics on this stunning album.

Every purchase includes a downloadable selection of pictures from the Pink Room including snippets of handwritten lyrics and notes to self. Why not print them out and make your own Panda scrapbook!

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