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One Blind Mouse - Soliciting Chapter VI (CD)

One Blind Mouse - Soliciting Chapter VI (CD)


The "Is that a mouse?" Jet Black CD pack

Mastered for CD, Soliciting Chapter VI was always intended to be listened to in full, with no gaps, on this glorious format! Be the proud owner of this beautiful minimalist black 4 panel CD lancing pack - we've never produced a CD quite like this one before!


The authorship of religious texts relating to the presence of ‘higher’ beings on the earth around the time of the great flood is questioned.


This is One Blind Mouse's interpretation of a process in which such a thing could even happen… the involvement of ‘any’ extra terrestrial entity not withstanding... more science fiction than religion and the concept of a 'higher being' should be associated with disfigurement.


It is a themed collection in which the tunes both borrow and lend musical strategies from the tracks immediately prior to and following them, where appropriate.


Primary instruments include a cheap Chinese Stratocaster copy, a Moog Matriarch, Revox A77 2-track tape recorder, a Pignose PGG-200, some more conventional VSTi, and other instruments and noises.


Timing is not considered important to the pieces (although most are relatively 'typical’) and both time signatures and key may be arbitrary, even within a single tune.


It is experimental. It is however, music.

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