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GRIM17 - Digital Throw Up Parts 1 & 2 (CD)

GRIM17 - Digital Throw Up Parts 1 & 2 (CD)


The "Listen Out Loud" 4 panel CD pack

A collection of past grievances retold and new tales told for the first time Digital Throw Up Parts 1 + 2 includes nods from GRIM17 to a variety of Electro, Alternative, Folk, and Industrial influences whilst maintaining his own unquestionable independence and individual style across everything he does.


Digital Throw Up is a 2 part album of epic proportions that captures the past and throws it into the future!


Part 1 is GRIM17's debut EP - released originally in 2013 - and now lovingly remastered for 2021. A very personal EP this side focuses on feelings of depression, self loathing, and the despair of feeling life was falling apart.


Part 2 is a brand new, never before released collection of songs about coming to in a world that seems very hostile and hard to recognise.


As GRIM17 put it "Grim17 is my name, and I came to convert my impotent frustration into sonic assault!”


Look out for a free download code in your parcel which includes an alternate mix of Quick! Nobody Smile as an added bonus track!

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