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Gozer Goodspeed - Escape Hatch Fever Acoustic (CD and Tape)

Gozer Goodspeed - Escape Hatch Fever Acoustic (CD and Tape)


The "Sense In The Age Of Format Choices" CD and Tape bundle

We're thrilled to be able to announce the release of Gozer Goodspeed's Escape Hatch Fever - Acoustic!

This bundle includes the album on CD and the VERY limited edition Red Cassette Tape which features the original album on the A Side and the Acoustic album on the B side!

Every purchase includes download codes for both albums in the package!

Everyone who's heard it already knows that Escape Hatch Fever is already set to be one of the albums of the year... so lets find out more about the acoustic album...

I've said before that there's a mix of incredible guitar playing, soulful vocals, and brilliant songwriting on this album. And I've always thought that some of the best songs ever written are usually the ones you can strip right back to the bare bones and they sound just as good.

All of that stands here, yet it's only partly true in this case, this album is so much more than that. Throw all pre-conceptions of a basic, stripped-back version of the album out of the window, this is designed to feel completely different to the original album - and it really does!

Escape Hatch Fever Acoustic is a complementary but completely altered experience. There's no need to have heard the original album to enjoy it. It stands tall on it's own as a an exceptional piece of art. Each part carefully re-thought and re-crafted to become it's own.

In Gozer's own words, "It's a love letter from me to acoustic music, reinventing the songs whilst still honouring the feel and scope of the electric record."

For me the interesting thing is that although the songs are the same, I have a new favourite on this version... it completely changed the way I heard the songs and my perspective changed with it. A genius move!

There are other bundles available, including an option to get the original album and the acoustic album on CD, and an option for all 3 formats! Check out all the options HERE.

Mike Five
Label Owner
Lights And Lines 

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