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Gozer Goodspeed - Escape Hatch Fever

Gozer Goodspeed - Escape Hatch Fever


Beautiful, vibrantly-coloured 4 Panel CD Pack.

“Hooks so big you could catch a whale with them… What I love most about this album is the freedom, the experimentation and the creativity”

- Listen with Monger


“One of the best albums I’ve ever heard”

- SunshineMusiciRadio


“Yet another exceptional release by Goodspeed… It has an impressive depth in sound and lyrics”

- James Wilson, Indie Band Guru




An assured, thoughtful, and playful release from one of the most talented and original artists of our time, Escape Hatch Fever is an album dazzling the critics and existing Goodspeed fans alike.


There's a thematic cohesiveness to this album that brings out the very best of Gozer Goodspeed's incredible guitar playing, soulful vocals, and precise attention to detail in songwriting.


Gozer is always moving forward, developing his distinct sound and experimenting. 'Escape Hatch Fever' showcases Gozer’s impressive guitar skills and unique mastery of melody like never before, drawing on a variety of influences from across the spectrum of indie, folk, blues, and rock music, and carving a space that is entirely his own in the process!


The result is a vibrant, vital record bursting with ideas, verve, and originality - essential listening for fans of visionary songwriters.


“This album is phenomenal”



“The musical past, present and future of handmade music united on one plate… highly recommended”

- Carsten Schaefer, Heavy Radio


“Epic and individual, unique and universal”

- The PRSD



For the super fans out there this release also includes a version of the cover you can use as desktop wallpaper on your laptop too, available in HD and 4k resolution.


Each purchase also includes a downloadable lyric book Art Directed using variations of the cover art. Download codes for all of the above will be in your parcel!

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