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CD Subscription

CD Subscription


Get a copy of EVERYTHING we release for a year on CD

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CD Subscription
Get a copy of everything we release on CD for a year!
£55.00every year until canceled

Choose our CD subscription and in addition to the overwhelmingly smug feeling of knowing you're directly supporting independent artists and a cool indie label here's what you'll get..


A copy of EVERYTHING we release!

CD Subscribers get a copy of all of our CD releases delivered to your door for a whole year!


All of our major album and EP releases will be released on CD and we continue to manufacture Digipaks and Lancing Packs where possible to keep our carbon footprint down. Estimated 8 releases.


In addition you get access to ALL of our releases in lossless WAV and MP3 format through our Digital Vault, including our full back catalogue.


In the vault you'll also find artwork, bonus releases, and anything else we produce for each release (e.g. PDF lyric books, posters, desktop wallpaper etc). We put new releases in the vault before they appear anywhere else!


Subsidised Shipping

The price includes free shipping - now available WORLDWIDE! Bundles will ship 2 to 4 times a year to help reduce our carbon footprint - we'll aim to get your CDs to you BEFORE the release date where possible.


Discounted Merch

CD subscribers get 20% discount on Lights And Lines Merch through our website shop, or the Bandcamp store, including CDs, T-Shirts, socks, and anything else we think of!


Planet Saving Hero Status

Part of your subscription fee now goes towards planting trees to help offset our carbon footprint. At the time of writing we've planted 192 trees - get the latest info here:


Find out more about our subscriptions here -

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