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Awen Veleda & The Wandering Lights - APK pt1: The Prelude (CD)

Awen Veleda & The Wandering Lights - APK pt1: The Prelude (CD)


The "Invade This" 4 panel CD pack

An Alien Invasion In The Petty Kingdoms (Part 1: Prelude) is the debut EP from folk collective Awen Veleda & The Wandering Lights.


Set in ancient times the story of an unexpected event unfolds through the voices of various characters all scrambling to understand the truth and agree what to do. This unique 5 track EP explores how people deal with the unexpected, manage change through their own beliefs and context, and find ways to work together.


This 4 panel, environmentally friendly CD Lancing Pack includes the handy free 1 page guide - "Awen Veleda's Definitive Guide To Defeating Aliens In Anglo-Saxon Times" - just in case!


The Prelude:
Somewhere in 9th Century Britain, two messengers travel day and night to reach a King with unusual and terrifying news. A mystical army has entered the kingdom on the East side, and this is no ordinary group of Heathens - in fact this band of mysterious mercenaries may not even be human.


An impromptu Witan councils the King to take action immediately, but before he acts he must uncover the facts and try to separate them from rumour and superstition. The situation may be grave, and there's no time to waste, they agree they must prepare for the worst while the truth is ratified.


The Red Ealdorman sets out to raise the Fyrd and gather an army in preparation for battle, but if the rumours are true he'll need all the help he can get - even from his enemies.


Across the border Chieftain Caiside receives word that his nemesis and would-be conqueror is on his way to meet him: lasta fear - the crimson man. He rides alone and with a message of peace and unity, but at what price.


Meanwhile the King realises that to achieve the greater good you sometimes have to do something bad. He contacts The Priestess Lucrezia to see if her visions can offer guidance, and prays to his own God for forgiveness. Will his gamble with the old beliefs pay out? Or will fate show no mercy? 

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