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Gozer Goodspeed's songwriting is unique - he tells tales of fortune, hope, sadness, and loss in a way that feels entirely his own, and yet wholly relatable to everyone. 

Weaving elements of folk, blues, rock and psychedelia together across an impressive back catalogue of EPs and albums, Gozer is no stranger to making music characterised by the way it makes you feel, rather than the category you put it into.

Gozer's first release on Lights And Lines Ghosts of the Future & Past is a collection that's been lovingly put together to introduce you to an artist with an extraordinary voice, a deep love of folk music and storytelling, and a strong affinity for the sounds of the blues.

With Ghosts, listeners can deep-dive into Gozer’s back catalogue and immerse themselves in a selection of remastered tracks from all 5 of his recorded releases to date, discovering some ultra rare and previously unheard songs along the way.


This is emphatically not a ‘best of’, but rather a carefully curated selection of songs that highlight the artist's unique verve and versatility.

You can find out more about the album as we go track by track Gozer Goodspeed on The Inner Sleeve podcast here.

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