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Destined to become a hotly-desired collector’s item hunted by the vinyl junkies of the future, there can only be one first ever vinyl record released by the label, and this is it: LAL V-001.


Gozer Goodspeed’s Escape Hatch Fever has fast become a mainstay of any music lovers collection this year. Fans from all over the world have added the original and acoustic CDs to their collection, and the Deluxe Edition cassette tape. And lead single Vagus Nerve now has over 10,000 streams on Spotify! Now is the chance to complete your collection and take home a piece of history with this limited edition vinyl.

The record is set to go on pre-order in the next few weeks. The way this works is that we have to get 100 pre-orders for the manufacturers to print the records. We need YOUR help to make this happen! Right now you can register your interest HERE and be the first to know as soon as this campaign goes live!


There's a thematic cohesiveness to this album that brings out the very best of Gozer Goodspeed's incredible guitar playing, soulful vocals, and precise attention to detail in songwriting.

Gozer is always moving forward, developing his distinct sound, and experimenting. Tracks like Full Tilt Revival showcase his progression through the use of slide guitar - a first for Gozer - while the emotive and driving blues-rock grooves embedded in the title track Escape Hatch Fever showcase Gozer’s impressive guitar skills and unique mastery of melody.

Throughout his impressive catalogue of work Gozer Goodspeed has always been a pioneer of his own unique sound, drawing on a variety of influences from the depths of indie, folk, blues, and rock music and carving a space that is entirely his own.

Escape Hatch Fever is the first 'full band' release recorded entirely at Gozer's home studio, gifting him a unique opportunity to push the boundaries even further and experiment with new ideas and techniques - the result is simply fantastic!

An assured, thoughtful, and playful release from one of the most talented and original artists of our time, Escape Hatch Fever is an album that will live long in the memory of Gozer Goodspeed fans new and old.


Plymouth-based singer/songwriter Gozer Goodspeed's songwriting is unique - he tells tales of fortune, hope, sadness, and loss in a way that feels entirely his own, and yet wholly relatable to everyone. Weaving elements of folk, blues, rock and psychedelia together across an impressive back catalogue of EPs and albums, Gozer is no stranger to making music characterised by the way it makes you feel, rather than the category you put it into.

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